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 A growing trend among entrepreneurs, business owners and professional salespeople is the adoption of “Self-Marketing Tools” that helps in managing relationships with existing customers and prospects in a feature rich and easy to use platform.

One of these tools is the fairly new cloud based software, inspired by Jeffrey Gitomer and packed with tools and functions that can be leveraged to improve your marketing message, branding and most importantly, help increase sales and profits.

At only $20 per month, this tool pays for itself within the first week of using it and includes additional features like sales & marketing videos by Jeffrey Gitomer & Andy Horner, the ability to send gift cards to your customers and prospects and the ability to track all e-mails and e-zines you send.

Preview it for free with promo code “WP30“.

After free 30 days preview, you will have the choice to continue useage at $20 per month. You can cancel anytime, no contract, no penalty. 


Written by marcpalud

July 5, 2012 at 10:20 am

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