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Two wonderful tools that can make you “All Knowing”

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These 2 must have tools will help you keep your eyes and ears open on anything that is of interest or that matters to you. And they are both free.

Social Mention:
Google Alerts:

Social Mention allows you to set up daily email alerts that will monitor social media portals and notify you every time your chosen keywords appear.

Google Alerts allows you to also set up daily email alerts to monitor the web and send you notifications every time your keywords appear.

For starters, you may want to track your personal name, your company, your brands, product lines, company names of your customers, names of contacts or people that work at companies you currently do business with and names of companies and contacts you would like to do business with in the future. This allows you to always be in the know and will provide you with opportunities to be aware of, and respond (if appropriate) where you otherwise would never had known was occuring.

For more advanced users wanting deeper knowledge, you can track key words that are related to your products, your competitor’s and your industry. You will be amazed on what comes back to your e-mail with these two web-based tools, including postings and requests from people specifically interested in for what you may be able to provide or assist with.

More Knowledge = More Opportunities

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May 11, 2011 at 9:08 pm

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