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What kind of CRM, Sales Force Automation or Sales Attraction software can actually help make more sales?

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Typically, Customer Relationship Management and Salesforce Automation software does a great job of keeping all customer information in one place. Set up properly, it can also help you stay in contact with your customers and prospects, but does it help you get more sales?

I came across Jeffrey Gitomer’s ACE of SALES “Sales Maker” software tool when it was in beta development. What interested me the most was the fact that this software embedded ideas, tools and video sales training on ways to use the “Sales Maker” software to not only build relationships and get closer to your customers and prospects, but most importantly help you make more sales.

If the intention of Sales Maker software is to create and foster digital relationships that improves human interactions in a business between the sales reps and his customers and prospects and arms the salesperson with ideas, knowledge and motivation to go out and make sales happen, then ACE of SALES may be a fit for your company or salesforce.

I have previewed the beta release and have been using ACE of SALES version 1.0 for quite some time now and today (June 25th, 2010) I have seen additional features to be expected in 2.0 that will make it an even better sales maker. ACE of SALES will work very well for the independent sales type or for a sales rep in a company that has yet to provide him or her with a tool that actually helps make more sales and can work directly with Outlook, Gmail and other traditional CRM tools you may already have in place. 

BOTTOM LINE: ACE of SALES is very attractive to salespeople because of it’s winning combination of tools and video training to attract, engage, differentiate, thank, stay in touch and WOW your customers and prospects. ACE of SALES will set you apart from all your competitors, it can store personal customer information you can use to help you make the sale, it has e-mail marketing campaign ability with open and click-through tracking reports, it will soon have full social media integration so you can interconnect directly with your existing Twitter, LinkedIN, YouTube and Facebook accounts, it has the ability to send customized letters, postcards as well as cool perforated card that has two of your business cards built right in, you have ability to create your own e-magazine, it helps you easily keep in touch and follow-up with reminders and is probably the best trade show follow-up tool yet so you can log, track and reach out in a unique and timely fashion with prospects who visit your trade show booth.

See for yourself and take ACE of SALES for a 30 day, fully functional preview trial which includes bonus invitational trial benefits like sending out your own custom postcard and letter from ACE of SALES without having to go to the card store, stuff the card, lick the stamp or go to the post office and more.

The on-line subscription service is only $20 a month with no contract and you can cancel anytime. All you need to get started is your logo, your photo and your contact information. If you are good at what you do and you represent a good product or service, ACE of SALES will help you make more sales.

To activate your invitational 30 day trial and bonus options, go to, click on SIGN UP and use PROMO CODE:  PALUD30.

If you have any questions or would like to give me some feedback during your trial, let me know. If you want to connect with me or find out more about me, just Google Marc Palud.

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Written by marcpalud

June 26, 2010 at 5:38 am

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  1. […] For salespeople, we have web-based sales generation software designed to make it easier for salespeople to make more sales. If you’re in sales, you owe it to your pocket-book to subscribe to the ACE of SALES software. With my PROMO CODE:  PALUD30, you will have a fully functional demo for 30 days, including one custom card mailer and one custom postcard mailer.  See my blog post on this topic here. […]

  2. A well written CRM article–if only all CRM Blogs were as good!


    David Austin

    October 30, 2011 at 11:09 am

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