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 A growing trend among entrepreneurs, business owners and professional salespeople is the adoption of “Self-Marketing Tools” that helps in managing relationships with existing customers and prospects in a feature rich and easy to use platform.

One of these tools is the fairly new cloud based software, inspired by Jeffrey Gitomer and packed with tools and functions that can be leveraged to improve your marketing message, branding and most importantly, help increase sales and profits.

At only $20 per month, this tool pays for itself within the first week of using it and includes additional features like sales & marketing videos by Jeffrey Gitomer & Andy Horner, the ability to send gift cards to your customers and prospects and the ability to track all e-mails and e-zines you send.

Preview it for free with promo code “WP30“.

After free 30 days preview, you will have the choice to continue useage at $20 per month. You can cancel anytime, no contract, no penalty. 


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July 5, 2012 at 10:20 am


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Bison Fire Protection, Inc. of Winnipeg, Manitoba has received the honor of being named an ANSUL Single Diamond Alliance Partner. This level of distinction is a testament to the success and hard work put forth by Bison Fire Protection over the past year.

The ANSUL Diamond Alliance partnership is based on achieving measurable goals established by Tyco. At this time, less than 20% of ANSUL distributors have achieved Diamond Alliance Partner distinction. Companies that achieve Diamond Alliance status must earn that partnership each year through sales performance.

“We are very proud that Bison Fire Protection has achieve standards that stand above the rest , ” said Jim Cox, Sr. Manager of Marketing Communications, Tyco Fire Protection Products. Recipients of the ANSUL Diamond Alliance Partner Program honor can receive a variety of perks such as publicity, product discounts, no-charge training and more.

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April 10, 2012 at 10:16 am

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Setting up your personal domain name

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I have been using the domain for many years now. The main purpose is to further propagate my personal branding, but it also provides me with a lifelong e-mail address that I own and control, regardless of the service provider I’m with or the company I am representing.

The best value for register your personal domain name and having access to many tools for no extra cost is at

I know of many parents who are registering their kid’s domain names as gifts.

My recommended protocol is that you register your and your main e-mail address is, but do what you will be most comfortable with.

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February 15, 2012 at 5:17 pm

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Grandfather Gets Thrill Of A Lifetime Surprise – Why #10?

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In a small southern Manitoba town called Zhoda, a Canadian family hockey tradition started many years ago with Mr. Bill Mateychuk, a devout Montreal Canadiens fan, who’s hockey idol is Guy Lafleur. Bill wore the number 10 jersey when playing hockey in the small Manitoba community in honor of his favorite all time hockey hero, Guy Lafleur.

Bill ran a Beef cattle farm in Zhoda, MB, and when he retired from farming and went to selling farm equipment, his boys, Brad and Ryan Mateychuk took over the farm. As the young boys were growing up in small town Manitoba, Bill sacrificed and did everything possible for his boys to enjoy, experience and grow up playing Canada’s favorite game, hockey. And keeping with tradition, the boys also wore #10 on their hockey jerseys in honour of Guy Lafleur.

Brad’s son Eric, a 10 year old minor hockey player in Zhoda, MB also wears #10 and Ryan’s 2 year old boy Will is guaranteed to also carry on the family tradition of wearing the famous #10 as soon as he joins the local minor hockey system in a few years from now.

On a warm winter morning in Zhoda, Brad was listening to Power97 and what he was about to hear would set into motion a series of events that would result in the “Ultimate Hockey Experience” for his father. Radio personality, Phil Aubrey, AKA Philly (!/power97philly) was talking about being the emcee and official game announcer in Ile Des Chenes, MB on Saturday, Feb. 11th for the Montreal Canadiens Alumni game, and that the assistant coach to Guy Lafleur position was posted on eBay for the highest bidder to win a chance of a lifetime to spend the afternoon with Guy Lafleur and be his assistant coach during the fundraising hockey game in Ile Des Chenes.

“I wasn’t sure if I heard that right, so I checked it out and sure enough, the assistant coach to Guy Lafleur position auction was on eBay”, said Brad Mateychuk. “Everytime I hear Guy Lafleur, it always reminds me of my dad and growing up playing hockey throughout the years. My father was always there for us, he sacrificed and was dedicated to make sure we were always able to play hockey as we grew up.”

Brad called his brother Ryan and sister Mel and told them about the auction. They all decided to bid whatever the bid price needed to be to ensure that their father was honoured with this once in a lifetime opportunity. It was their way of saying thank you Dad for everything you’ve done for us all these years.

The bidding war was on, and on closing day of the auction, the Mateychuk siblings had won the auction for their father at $840.

When the time came to let the father/grandfather know about his gift, Brad and his 10 year old son Eric, Ryan and his 2 year old son Will and Mel all went to visit Bill. Eric asked his grandfather why everyone in the family always wears #10. “Because Guy Lafleur is the all time best player in history”, replied grandfather. “Well grandpa, you will be coaching a game with Guy Lafleur and the Montreal Canadiens” said 10 year old Eric. Bill had a confused look and didn’t understand what young Eric was trying to say. “Yes Grandpa, we all got together to give you this gift in honour of everything you’ve done for the family over the years, you will spend the afternoon with Guy Lafleur before the game and you will be his assistant coach next Saturday in Ile Des Chenes.”

Needless to say, Bill will have this priceless, once in a lifetime opportunity to spend some time with his all time favorite player, #10, Guy Lafleur.

(At the time of this writing, there are 2 other “Thrill of a Lifetime” positions available. For a donation of $1,500, two lucky HABS fans will get to play shoulder to shoulder with the Canadiens and not only experience this once in a lifetime opportunity, but also walk away with a souvenir HABS jersey with a very unique story to go with it for years to come.

Event details can be found at

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February 5, 2012 at 10:17 am

Marc Palud Twitter Stats

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What’s up with all the ones and twos today?













I’ve always believed that numbers provide clues or mean something. I know there’s something there, but I just haven’t figured it out.

Do you have any insights on interpreting meaning behind numbers?

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October 31, 2011 at 9:45 am

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The Affiliate Marketing Book of Knowledge (AMBOK)

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This is a repost from my review of the Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day

This review is from: Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day (Paperback)

After deciding to start offering Affiliate Marketing Services to local companies in the Winnipeg, Manitoba marketplace as an Affiliate Marketing Agency, I consumed a staggering amount of information and market research on the subject of Affiliate Marketing. Then, I came across Geno Prussakov’s book, Affiliate Program Management, An Hour A Day. I’m calling it “The AMBOK”, The Affiliate Marketing Book of Knowledge. Prussakov condensed the majority of information a person requires to get a complete grasp of the Affiliate Marketing world. I now recommend this book to any of my prospective clients before engaging in the creation, implementation and management of an outsourced affiliate program. This helps them understand the benefits of affiliate marketing and makes it easier for me to work with them.

Put me on the waiting list for The AMBOK, 2nd Edition.

Bottom line: Anyone who is serious about increasing their Affiliate Marketing knowledge needs to own this book.

Marc Palud
Owner of Repstar Agencies

You can buy this book on Amazon here.

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October 22, 2011 at 7:27 pm

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Are you a business leader and want to stay on top of on line marketing trends?

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Join the Affiliate Summit Winnipeg Meetup Group

Our next event is taking place on October 26th at 6:30pm
Details here:

We have some great news for this upcoming MeetUp!

We will be giving away;

2. A DVD copy of all recorded sessions from Affiliate Summit East 2011 that took place in New York City this summer. These DVD’s were only made available to ASE11 Diamond Pass holders, so they are rare and valuable.


1. RSVP to our event. (you can bring up to 2 guests as well)
2. Then tweet the event details (at least once) to be eligible to enter. (add @TeamRepstar at the end of your tweet to track your entry)
Tweet something like this:
Winnipeg Affiliate Summit Meetup Oct. 26th. Meet me there.  @TeamRepstar

Winners will be drawn & announced after 7pm on Oct. 26th at our Meetup Meeting.

The Winnipeg Affiliate Summit Meetup Group is all about distinguishing yourself and being part of the small percentage of people who make business connections, are

LEADERS in their market segments and take part of discussions that influences business growth and development as well as positive changes. Some of the most influential Affiliate Marketing professionals attend local Affiliate Summit meetups like ours each month all over North America, in Baltimore, Denver,
Orlando, NYC, Austin, Montreal and more. For more info on meetups in other cities, visit the Affiliate Summit Forum.

Are you a business leader and want to stay on top of on line marketing trends?  Tweet about our meetup and join us on Oct. 26th.

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October 18, 2011 at 6:09 pm

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